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One of the rarest, wildest and zaniest genres of juggling, parasol manipulation is a spell-binding, guaranteed visual treat for audiences of all ages!  A juggler for several decades, Barry's forté lie s in his uncanny ability with parasol & ring manipulation - with unmatched expertise, he remains unrivalled to this day!                                       Adding extra flash and panache, w atch Barry while he performs the impossible. Among other fantastic feats, he's the first in history to perform with his singular, signature stunt: the parasol switches onstage from single to double design – displaying a dazzling, show-stopping dynamic duo!


Easy preparations

No complicated stage preparations or pre-requisites



A definite crowd-pleasing and seldom-seen display of special tricks and talents. Amazing feats of skill!


Dual-Parasol Manipulation

The parasol switches onstage from single to double design – displaying a dazzling, show-stopping dynamic duo

What people think

  • Barry does excellent work in this very unique style of Juggling and Balance

    Michael Chirrick, Exceptional Juggler & World-Class Performer
  • A first-rate performance, he wowed the crowd. A clever act that hits all the right notes

    Luke Wilson, Champion Juggler/EJC organizer
  • Amazing, unmatched ability - Barry RULES!

    Jørgen Mortensen, Kuffert Cirkus




The hypnotic, magnetic attraction of parasol manipulation: mesmerizing the audience with of awe and wonder - captivating the crowd with r ollicking rings, razor-edge CDs, plus other assorted objects careening around the canopy -  championed by the challenging, right-angled rotating CD chassis!

Previous Performance Highlights

  • 2006 - TV2 Denmark Sådan Cirkus Copenhagen
  • 2007 - European Juggling Festival Open Stage Athens
  • 2011-14 - No Limits Roadshow Ensemble Aalborg Denmark
8 JPG Barry Homan PBPH2011 015


Barry has an impressive background in the world of variety and live entertainment, as well as in theatre - dating all the way back to childhood. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Barry's wanderlust has taken him far from his homeland, with many adventures along the way.                                                                                                                                 He's performed theatre in different countries and in 3 different languages. A graduate of the German acting school Schauspielschule am Martinstor in Freiburg, he’s performed a wide range of entertaining roles, ranging from the simpleand sublime to the comic and eclectic.                                                                                                                          Along with numerous appearances in film projects and television, Barry has organized and performed in countless stage-shows. He’s taught many workshops in the juggling arts, and for years helped organize the prestigious Gala Shows for the European Juggling Festival - extravaganzas with top world-class artistes!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A teacher, performer, actor – a juggler and entertainer                                                                                                                                                                           The show goes on with showman                                          BARRY HOMAN!


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